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 I hate laptops

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PostSubject: I hate laptops   Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:22 am

My mom has a dell inspiron laptop and it failed to boot. I tried win recovery and it just hangs endlessly. So I pulled the hdd out and mounted it on one of my hot swap bays and tried to recover some data off it by copying it from the laptop drive to my storage drive.. It would not work.. Kept hanging and would not start the transfer.. Actually froze my pc and and explorer.exe froze and went down. That's a pain.. I am currently using a data recovery tool to get at least the 9 gb of pictures off of it... Taking foreverrrrrrrrrr. I'm hoping it is just corrupted windows files so I can just format the damn thing and reinstall windows 7 on it. Hoping I don't have to buy a new hdd for it.. Lesson of the day guys.. Back up your stuff on a good external or on some form of cloud storage. makes things so much more simple.

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PostSubject: Re: I hate laptops   Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:39 pm

Oh man i've just been through all that crap, crashing, no mouse or kb inputs recognized and bad sector recovery etc.

That's why i always have a slave hd in my case. Makes things so much simpler, faster and easier to back things up regularly.

This time i got caught with a drive with bad sectors and lost control of it.
What i did was go in it in safe mode and reformated the drive.
It seemed to help and hdtach hard drive health results were ok but i know from experience the thing is dying because it is losing/loading it's drivers and crashing regularly.

Having a second drive also simplifies and helps with troubleshooting as you can see if the pc works perfectly with the other drive or not.

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I hate laptops
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