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 Sharing my console command knowledge <3

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PostSubject: Sharing my console command knowledge <3   Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:16 am

The commands listed below are to my knowledge tested and proven to improve your games performance in a slight to a large amount. I have personally tested these commands multiple times and each time they have increased my hit registry/frames per second ingame and I felt like it was finally time to share these with everyone.

Also, make sure your texture settings are set to bilinear manual; high high low. This gives good textures and an increase in performance as well.

Type these into your console:

` <-- that key incase you didnt know..(above TAB)

/cg_fov 80    (increases the screens field of view)
/cg_drawfps 1   (shows the fps counter at the top right)
/cg_brass 0   (removes the shell animation leaving the gun after you shoot ingame)
/cg_blood 0   (removes blood; pretty simple)
/com_hunkmegs 512 (this number should be set to half of your RAM)
/com_maxfps 125 (or 250, personal preference, I use both) [You can also use 333 if youd like.]
/snaps 30
/rate 25000
/r_multi_gpu 1 (even if you dont have dual gpus it allocates more of your gpu's power for the game)
/cl_maxpackets 100  (allows the maximum amount of packets to be sent between your pc and the server)
/cl_packetdup 2   (just sends the max packets twice incase you lost some as theyre being sent)
/sm_enable 0   (messes with shadows)
/r_drawdecals 0   (cleans the game up bigtime)
/r_smc_enable 0   (messes with shadows as well/rendering)
/r_rendererpreference 0  (messes with the renderer/shader)
/r_drawsun 0   (removes sun particles from the game)
/r_drawwater 0   (removes water particles from the game)
/pb_sleep 500   (Sets punkbuster to sleep every 500 ms)
/fx_marks 0  
/r_aaalpha 0
/cl_mouseaccel 0

now type,

Also make sure your refresh rate is as high as it can go.
If you have anymore questions, just ask here. I'll be willing to help. <3

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PostSubject: Re: Sharing my console command knowledge <3   Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:35 pm

I cannot recommend the snaps and cl_maxpackets ones highly enough. For a period of time recently I went with the default settings for these and the hit registration was absolutely unbearable for shotgun and sniper. If you are perfectly on target but the game can't calculate your shot properly, you're dead because the guy with the smg or lmg already mowed you over.
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Sharing my console command knowledge <3
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