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 Kicked repeatedly, then temp banned...

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PostSubject: Kicked repeatedly, then temp banned...   Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:27 am

Alright guys, so this is what has been happening the last few times that I have been playing the Sc-TDM-HC servers. It has really gotten really annoying as we keep getting kicked for either no valid/the stupidest reasons by someone that originally going by the name of [AR51]Felipe later renaming himself as Felipe.

June 27, 2015 11:55pm (EST time)
I (Fuzzy888) was kicked from the server for no apparent reason. When I asked my friend (VIA Skype) to ask why I was booted from the server, he replied "because you were stacking intentionally." That map was Showdown and I was the second top player on the high-scores with our team winning. I was on since the start of the map which in that case should mean the kick was for no apparent reason. There was also no fore-warning prior to the kick and if was was probably at a time that I was most pre-occupied with my crosshairs and the people running around. Anyways, moving on.

June 30, 2015 10:45(around) - 10:54pm (EST time)
I (Ausfuhren) was kicked yet again for "spawn camping." The map was strike. I was on the Op-For team on that side with the building with some display cases overlooking the central stretch with all the vehicles laying in ruins. I aimed at the dumpster across the map because I CAN CLEARLY SEE some muzzle flashes on top of it because someone was aiming at the heli while near the spawn area. I understand that because I was shooting near the spawn area, it may have been a justified reason but I was not persisting to relentlessly attack that person. When using an MP-44 without a deep impact perk, I couldn't hit the guy. Then I killed Felipe about 10 seconds later, he complained about it then kicked (no temp ban) me for that reason.

After about 20 seconds of being kicked, I rejoined the server... (I like it there) I decided that well, since I had always mowed down Felipe with an assault rifle in the past which always attributed to my kick not too shortly later, I decided to change it up and use an LMG (which I despise using when possible) but more specifically the M60E4. I went back to the same spot as I was earlier and played around with that. Started to have a hunch that we were getting flanked from the right so I aimed there. Shortly after, Felipe died AGAIN and says "OK, thats it. You're gone." And then I was Temp banned. No reason given.
Since getting booted for absolutely no reason for multiple occasions, it has gone to a point where it has started to make me feel negative about the server. Not because of the community but because of the extensive leash that you guys give your admins and that you may not even hold them accountable for their reckless actions that may impede enjoyment of other players. I'd only ask if you can please keep this admin (who ever s/he is) from just kicking random/specific players for no reason other than the fact s/he died to that player on more than one occasion.
PS: Apparently since I got kicked, during this whole time I am typing this, s/he has been repeatedly getting mocked by a vast number of the players of the server for his reckless use of administrative powers.
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PostSubject: Re: Kicked repeatedly, then temp banned...   Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:53 pm

Fuzzy, I go by felipe as well as sc.left4dead. Most of the regulars know who I am either way (and i thought you did too since I know you are a regular and always knew both your names) and the name is intended to get some of the players that recently have been bad apples on our server and catch them. It seems when i have my tags on anymore no one says a word or nothing ever goes wrong. That technically is great and what an admin is for, but i did the felipe name about when we had a string of our admin not being able to be on our tdm server for quite sometime and I couldn't be on the server much then either due to other obligations.

Anyway, let me help address your issues so you have a better understanding going forward. The first one was an attempt to even out the teams. i never accused you of stacking. You did nothing wrong, yet. But the other team was losing guys left and right because the team you were on was smoking them. I don't try and balance teams as the auto assign will take care of that....unless our server is losing people who are hating playing and are leaving from the disparity in teams. Then I ask someone, of my choosing, to go to the other team. You ignored my requests and so i kicked you.

The spawn camping thing you discussed was not directly tied to spawn camping, but more indirectly. You had enough suspicious shots from behind the desk/counter, in the map Strike, right to the opposite side of the map main spawn point that I asked you to watch it. I then spec'ed you and you continued to have another couple of spawn kills. I then asked that for the remainder of the game you just avoid being behind that counter. I felt this was the best way to solve any discrepancies in what you believe you were doing and what I believe you were doing. I didn't want to kick you but you insisted on staying back there. So I kicked you. You came back and the very first kill i died from when you came back was from you going right back behind the counter. So i temp banned you for not listening and then disobeying my request.

It sounds more like your frustrations are from the kicks happening so close together, which is understandable. Please keep in mind that if an admin asks you to do something they need you to comply. Not doing so can result in a kick. It is our goal to determine if someone looks like they are going to continue to be a problem or if they are someone that can be resolved with quickly. Usually a kick to an experienced player (as they know they can come right back) is just a warning or to get their attention. It is not a punishment per say. It technically just resets your score. But just straight out ignoring or disobeying can get you temp banned. Just do as we ask and I am sure your time on our servers will go really smooth and you will enjoy yourself again.
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PostSubject: Re: Kicked repeatedly, then temp banned...   Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:59 pm

well put...
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PostSubject: Re: Kicked repeatedly, then temp banned...   Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:52 pm

sc admins, please refer to the forum post I have made in the General discussion session called "Kicking people for no significant reason" - here I address this issue with forcing someone to switch teams, simply because they are better than average and/or you just feel like they should switch teams to even them out.
As I mention in the post, evening out the teams should be left to the auto-balancer (even when the smallest team keeps losing players).

As far as I understand, CroW agrees with me on this matter (you can see that in his response to the post). I have also discussed it with other sc admins, and they agree with me.

But other than that, the reasons you kicked Fuzzy for seem reasonable to me, so keep up the good work Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Kicked repeatedly, then temp banned...   

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Kicked repeatedly, then temp banned...
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