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 Banned for wallhacking?

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PostSubject: Banned for wallhacking?   Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:19 am

I was lucky enough to be recording, i had 25 minutes of footage, had it accidentally recording with dxtory (I had music on when playing)... I cut it down to 8 minutes because my internet sucks (would take forever to upload) and figured 8 minutes leading up to the kick was enough. You can clearly see my keystrokes (when typing) and its not limited to demo tickrate so this is straight from my screen before anyone says that its not sufficient proof.

I do not appreciate getting called a cheater and then kicked by an admin who spams "No hack +playername" trying to make it look like some automated system or something, it just makes you look like a 12vie.

Excuse the constant "connection interrupted" my internet is trash.

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Banned for wallhacking?
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