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 About the perma banned - IGN Ghostlak

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PostSubject: About the perma banned - IGN Ghostlak   Sat Apr 09, 2016 2:32 am

Hi SC clan admins.

I'm here to ask for my approval to enter the SC servers again. I have been banned for a long time for now, mainly, I guess and I just found out recently, for playing too good for other players. Because of that reason, I have nowhere else to play now, I can't find another server to play with since the region where I am right now is in Asia so there aren't many server I can play with. The SC Hardcore TDM server is the few ones I can play so I don't have any choices but to beg to get into the server again.

So please, I sincerely ask for my permission to play in your server again, I will take appropriate effort to play more fair to other players since, like you guys said in other topics, that server is for regular players, not pro players.

I hope you guys can revoke my ban so that I will be able to play in the server again and I really enjoy playing in the server.
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About the perma banned - IGN Ghostlak
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