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PostSubject: SUSPICION OF HACKING    Wed May 18, 2016 3:18 am appears to me that when think someone is there is no doubt one should download COD4 PLAYER ..learn how to use it as i have. Then when required show how why where and when...can there be a place on the the web page ..perhaps Navar can set it up..where vids of sus players can be put for admins to peruse and make a my view this is the only proof positive there need be...and once proven then a perm ban should follow...every player i have booted for hacking has either gone or left 4 have been our members...most have not..
And when there seems to be a problem with a particular problem several times i have made recommendations only to be told that the player concerned doesn't hack...NOW i know thats its important to populate the server and one has to weigh up the pros and cons of kicking players...and i can see where minor breaches of THE RULES are let go to maintain the population of the server...well and is my belief that hacking a server is not a minor breach..And as said prior COD4 PLAYER should be used as a tool for all admins to make sure of their facts as i do or did..not just rely on the replay when u die or someone's dislike for anther person or member...This will probable be my last post...thumper will get his of now i will resign from SC..there are good ppl here and i have had the pleasure of chatting with some...i hope this server will keep going as i do enjoy the helps me to forget the role i played in name and the 2 tours that i made it home from..and luckily staying out of the way of the USA...and the last bit of useless info for u...the total US casualties in nam was 82% (killed and wounded) friendly fire...
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