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 B()VV$ER should be an admin

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PostSubject: B()VV$ER should be an admin   Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:38 pm

i think i should be an admin....from what i have seen so far we don't really have a good system for having at least 1 admin on all the time( so they can kick rule breakers etc.)....
I know its a big trust thing but i think i would do well, just ask how many times i have told Nevar on xfire to please kick a stupid person off of the server,... but anyways|it does not have to me that you make an admin but please at least come up with some kind of schedule so us non-admins don't have to sit around for an admin to come around and kick off the hackers..


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B()VV$ER should be an admin
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